Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra-तारक मंत्र

Swami Samarth, also known as Akkalkot Swami or Shri Swami Samartha Maharaj, was a Hindu saint or guru who used to live in Maharashtra, India during the 19th century. He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya and is worshipped by many followers as a spiritual master and a miracle worker. To get his blessings every devotee chants Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra which protects the devotee from all kinds of unwanted energy and negativity and gives them courage, mental peace.

Swami Samarth is known for his teachings on self-realization, spiritual practices, and devotion to God. He is said to have performed many miracles during his lifetime, including healing the sick, reviving the dead, and even controlling the elements of nature. Swami Samarth got popularity through his disciples, who followed his teachings and spread his message throughout India.

Today, Swami Samarth is still widely revered by many Hindus, particularly in Maharashtra. Many people visit his samadhi (burial site) in Akkalkot to seek his blessings and guidance.

Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra-तारक मंत्र

॥ श्री स्वामी समर्थ ॥

गुरु ब्रम्हा गुरु विष्णू
गुरुः देवो महेश्वरा
गुरु शाक्षात परब्रम्हा
तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

निशंक होई रे मना,निर्भय होई रे मना।
प्रचंड स्वामीबळ पाठीशी, नित्य आहे रे मना।
अतर्क्य अवधूत हे स्मर्तुगामी,
अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी।।१।।

जिथे स्वामीचरण तिथे न्युन्य काय,
स्वये भक्त प्रारब्ध घडवी ही माय।
आज्ञेवीना काळ ही ना नेई त्याला,
परलोकी ही ना भीती तयाला
अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी।।२।।

उगाची भितोसी भय हे पळु दे,
वसे अंतरी ही स्वामीशक्ति कळु दे।
जगी जन्म मृत्यु असे खेळ ज्यांचा,
नको घाबरू तू असे बाळ त्यांचा
अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी।।३।।

खरा होई जागा श्रद्धेसहित,
कसा होसी त्याविण तू स्वामिभक्त।
आठव! कितीदा दिली त्यांनीच साथ,
नको डगमगु स्वामी देतील हात
अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी।।४।।

विभूति नमननाम ध्यानार्दी तीर्थ,
स्वामीच या पंचामृतात।
हे तीर्थ घेइ आठवी रे प्रचिती,
ना सोडती तया, जया स्वामी घेती हाती ।।५।।

अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी
अशक्य ही शक्य करतील स्वामी

Tarak Mantra Lyrics

Nishank ho, Nirbhai ho, Mana re
Prachand swamibal pathishi re
Atarkya avdhut he smartu gami
Ashakyahi shakya kartil swami || 1 ||

Jithe swami pai tithe nyun kai
Swaye bhakt prarabdha ghadavi hi mai
Aadhne vina kaal na nei tyala
Parlokihi nahi bhiti tayala || 2 ||

Ugachi bhitosi bhai he palude
Javali ubhi swami shakti kalude
Jagi Janm mrutyu ase khel jyancha
Nako ghabaru tu ase baal tyancha || 3 ||

Khara hoi jaga tu shradhesahit
Kasa hoshi tyavin tu swamibhakt
Kitinda dili bol tyanech haat
Nako dagmagu swami detil haat || 4 ||

Vibhuti naman naam dhyanarth tirth
Swamich ya panch pranabhrutat
He tirth ghe athavi re prachiti
Na sodel swami jya ghei hati || 5 ||

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Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra Meaning

O mind, be fearless and doubtless
You have a tremendous power of Swami behind you
Swami is difficult to understand by logic, he is beyond the duality, ego, just think about him
Swami will convert impossible into possible || 1 ||

Where you have Swami’s presence
Nothing is lacking there
Swami writes the destiny of his devotees

Even death can not touch Swami’s devotee without his permission
Swami’s devotee is fearless in his afterlife as well || 2 ||

Don’t afraid, let your fear run away
And realise that you have the powerful Swami standing with you
Birth and death in this world is just game of him
Do not afraid because he is your mother || 3 ||

Get a real awakening along with devotion
Otherwise, how will you become a swami devotee

Remember how many time he supports you
So do not waiver, he is and will with you forever || 4 ||

Holy ashes, bowing for prayer, chanting, holy name, meditation, taking holy water
Swami is the essence of these five elixirs of the soul
Take this holy water, remember his grace and experience you had with him
Swami never ever abandons one who he has lent a saying hand || 5 ||

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Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra Lyrics


Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra Benefits:

  1. It protects the devotee from all kinds of unwanted energy and negativity.
  2. Regular chanting of Swami Mantra helps in spiritual growth.
  3. It gives courage, mental peace and remains you focused on your goal.
  4. Chanting this mantra increases your wealth.
  5. It gives courage to fight against diseases and fills the life full of positivity.


1. Who wrote Swami Samarth Mantra?

The author of the Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra is not clear, as it is an ancient mantra that has been passed down through generations of practitioners.

2. Why it is called “Tarak” mantra?

The Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra is also known as the “Tarak Mantra” because the word “Tarak” means “to save” or “to liberate” in Sanskrit. This mantra is believed to be a powerful tool for seekers who wish to attain liberation or salvation from the cycle of birth and death.

3. Where did Swami Samarth died?

Swami died in Akkalkot, a city and a municipal council in Solapur district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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