Santoshi Maa-संतोषी माँ

Santoshi Maa is a highly revered Hindu goddess, widely worshipped throughout India. She is revered as the embodiment of satisfaction and contentment, and her devotees believe that she can bring peace and happiness into their lives. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman dressed in red, with four arms holding a trident, a sword, a bowl of sweets, and a pot of gold.
In this article, we will discuss Santoshi Maa’s origin, vrat katha, aarti, how to worship her and what are the benefits of worshipping her.

Santoshi Maa
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Santoshi Maa-संतोषी माँ

Santoshi Mata Ki Katha:

According to the legend, there were six unmarried women who were denied food by their brothers on the pretext of not having enough money. The women were dejected and turned to Lord Ganesha for help. Lord Ganesha, in his wisdom, created the goddess Santoshi Maa from the divine flames and blessed the women with her worship. The goddess granted their wishes and instructed them to observe a fast and worship her every Friday.

The women obeyed the goddess’s instructions and observed the fast with devotion and faith. As a result, they were blessed with happiness, peace, and contentment in their lives. This is how the Friday fast or the “Santoshi Mata Vrat” came into existence.” Over time, the worship of Santoshi Maa gained popularity and became an integral part of Hindu culture, especially among women seeking blessings for their families’ well-being.

The Friday fast or “Santoshi Mata Vrat” is observed by devotees as a means of fulfilling their desires and seeking the blessings of the goddess. This Vrat involves abstaining from food and water for the entire day and offering special prayers and offerings to the goddess. Devotees believe that observing this Vrat with devotion and faith can bring peace, prosperity, and fulfillment of their wishes.

Santoshi Mata Mantra:

“॥ ॐ श्री सन्तोषी महामाये गजानंदम दायिनी शुक्रवार प्रिये देवि नारायणी नमोस्तुते ॥”

“Om Shri Santoshi Mahamaye Gajanandam Dayini Shukravar Priye Devi Narayani Namostute.”

This is a popular Sanskrit chant dedicated to Santoshi Maa, the Hindu goddess of satisfaction and contentment. It roughly translates to “O great and divine Mother Santoshi, who bestows happiness, success, and prosperity, I offer my salutations to you, along with Ganesha, the giver of blessings, and Narayani, the consort of Lord Narayana.”

This mantra is often recited during the worship of Santoshi Maa, especially on Fridays, which is considered to be her day. Devotees believe that chanting this mantra with devotion and faith can bring peace, prosperity, and fulfillment of desires in their lives.

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Santoshi Mata Ki Aarti:

Santoshi Mata Aarti in Hindi

।। जय संतोषी माँ ।।

जय सन्तोषी माता, मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।
अपने सेवक जन की सुख सम्पति दाता ।
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

सुन्दर चीर सुनहरी माँ धारण कीन्हो
मैया माँ धारण कींहो
हीरा पन्ना दमके तन शृंगार कीन्हो
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

गेरू लाल छटा छबि बदन कमल सोहे
मैया बदन कमल सोहे
मंद हँसत करुणामयि त्रिभुवन मन मोहे
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

स्वर्ण सिंहासन बैठी चँवर डुले प्यारे
मैया चँवर डुले प्यारे
धूप दीप मधु मेवा, भोज धरे न्यारे
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

गुड़ और चना परम प्रिय ता में संतोष कियो
मैया ता में सन्तोष कियो
संतोषी कहलाई भक्तन विभव दियो
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

शुक्रवार प्रिय मानत आज दिवस सो ही,
मैया आज दिवस सो ही
भक्त मंडली छाई कथा सुनत मो ही
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

मंदिर जग मग ज्योति मंगल ध्वनि छाई
मैया मंगल ध्वनि छाई
बिनय करें हम सेवक चरनन सिर नाई
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

भक्ति भावमय पूजा अंगीकृत कीजै
मैया अंगीकृत कीजै
जो मन बसे हमारे इच्छित फल दीजै
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

दुखी दरिद्री रोगी संकट मुक्त किये
मैया संकट मुक्त किये
बहु धन धान्य भरे घर सुख सौभाग्य दिये
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

ध्यान धरे जो तेरा वाँछित फल पायो
मनवाँछित फल पायो
पूजा कथा श्रवण कर घर आनन्द आयो
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

चरण गहे की लज्जा रखियो जगदम्बे
मैया रखियो जगदम्बे
संकट तू ही निवारे दयामयी अम्बे
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

सन्तोषी माता की आरती जो कोई जन गावे
मैया जो कोई जन गावे
ऋद्धि सिद्धि सुख सम्पति जी भर के पावे
मैया जय सन्तोषी माता ।

Santoshi Mata Aarti in English

Jai Santoshi Mata, mayaa Jai Santoshi Mata,
Apne sevak jan ki, sukh sampati data,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Sundar chir sunahri, man dharan kinhon,
Hira Pana damke, tan shringar liyo,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Geru lal chhata chhavi, badan kamal sohe
Mand hansat karunamayi, Tribhuvan man mohe,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Svarna sinhasan baithi, chanvar dhure pyare,
dhup, dip, madhu meva, bhog dhare nyare,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Gud aur chana param priya, tamen santosh kiyo,
Santoshi kahlai, bhaktan vaibhav diyo,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Shukravar priya manat, aj divas sohi,
Bhakti mandali chhai, katha sunat mohi,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Mandir jag mag jyoti, mangal dhvani chhai,
Vinai kare tere balak, charnan sir nai,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Bhakti bhavmai puja angikrit kijai,
Jo man vasai hamare ichha phal dijai,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Dhyan dharo jan tero manvanchhit phal payo,
Puja katha shravan kar ghar anand ayo,
Jai Santoshi Mata.

Sharan gahe ki, laja rakhiyo Jagdambe,
Sankat tu hi nivare, dayamayi Ambe,
Jai Santoshi Mata….

Santoshi man ki aarti jo koi jan gavai,
Riddhi-Siddhi sukh sampati, ji bhar ke pavai,
Jai Santoshi Mata…

English Translation of Santoshi Mata Aarti

Victory to Santhoshi Maa, my mother Santhoshi Maa,
Who blesses her devotees with joy and wealth.

You are well dressed oh mother, with golden garments,
And bedecked with shining emeralds and diamonds.

Oh merciful mother, the reddish tinge in your face
Makes it look like a lotus flower,
And your smile enchants the three worlds.

You are seated on a golden throne,
With a devotee fanning you with love,
With incense and lamps shown before you,
And honey and dry fruits are lying before you.

Jaggery and gram are your favorites,
Which satisfy and make you happy,
And you being incarnation of happiness,
Would bless your devotees with affluence.

You consider Friday as your most liked day,
And today also happens to be Friday,
And your devotees have assembled here,
With desire to hear your story.

Your temple lights are glittering and sparkling,
The sound coming from there is auspicious
And your children are bowing their heads,
And paying homage to your feet.

Please approve our worship,
Which is done with devotion,
And give us a house full of,
Grains, wealth, pleasure and luck.

He who meditated upon you,
Got all that he desired,
Please fill our homes with happiness,
By our doing worship and hearing your story,

Oh mother of the universe,
Honour him who seeks your refuge,
And cure him of all his sorrow,
Oh mother who is full of mercy.

He who sings with devotion,
This aarti of Santhoshi Maa,
Would get to his hearts content,
Prosperity, achievement, happiness and wealth.

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Significance of Santoshi Mata Aarti:

The Santoshi Mata Aarti is a significant aspect of the worship of the goddess and is considered an integral part of the Santoshi Mata puja. The following are some of the essential aspects of the Santoshi Mata Aarti:

  1. Expresses devotion and gratitude: The Santoshi Mata Aarti is a form of expressing devotion and gratitude towards the goddess for her blessings bestowed upon her devotees.
  2. Brings positivity and peace: The chanting of the Aarti is believed to bring positive energy and peace to the environment, purifying it by removing negative energies.
  3. Helps to focus the mind: The recitation of the Aarti helps devotees to concentrate and focus on the goddess and her divine qualities, leading to a state of inner peace and tranquility.
  4. Purifies the soul: The Santoshi Mata Aarti purifies the mind, body, and soul of the devotee.
  5. Invokes blessings: The Santoshi Mata Aarti is a form of prayer that seeks the blessings of the goddess, which is believed to bring success, prosperity, and fulfillment of wishes.

Overall, the Santoshi Mata Aarti is a beautiful prayer that expresses devotion and seeks the blessings of the goddess. It creates a peaceful and positive atmosphere and purifies the soul, making it an essential aspect of Santoshi Maa Puja.

How to Worship Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi Maa is worshiped on Fridays and the devotee observes a fast throughout the day. The fast is broken in the evening after performing the puja or worship. Here are the steps to perform the puja:

  • Cleanse the area where the puja is to be performed to create a pure and peaceful environment.
  • Place a picture or idol of Santoshi Maa in the puja area to invoke the presence of the goddess.
  • Offer flowers, incense, and sweets to the deity as a symbol of respect and devotion.
  • Light a diya or lamp and offer prayers to the goddess to seek her blessings.
  • Chant the mantra of Santoshi Maa to focus the mind on the divine qualities of the goddess.
  • Offer prasad, which typically consists of chickpeas or gram, along with jaggery and coconut, as an offering to the goddess.
  • Perform the aarti and seek blessings from the goddess for success, prosperity, and fulfillment of wishes.

Benefits of Worshipping Santoshi Maa:

Devotees believe that worshipping Santoshi Maa can bring about numerous benefits, including:

  • Inner peace and contentment.
  • Fulfillment of desires and wishes.
  • Success in endeavors.
  • Removal of obstacles and negative energies.
  • Protection from evil forces.
  • Alleviation of negative karma.
  • Blessings of good health and prosperity.


Santoshi Maa is a revered Hindu goddess who is considered as the embodiment of contentment, inner peace, and satisfaction. It is believed that worshiping her can bring several benefits, including success, fulfillment of desires, protection from negative energies, and blessings of good health and prosperity. Her inspiring Vrat katha is a tale of faith, devotion, and the power of prayer that holds immense significance in Hindu mythology. The aarti and mantra of Santoshi Maa are crucial components of her worship and are thought to create a positive and serene environment.

To perform the puja or to worship Santoshi Maa, devotees observe a fast on Fridays and offer flowers, incense, and sweets to the deity, light a diya or lamp, chant her mantra, offer prasad consisting of chickpeas, jaggery, and coconut, and perform the aarti to seek her blessings.

In conclusion, worshipping Santoshi Maa is a powerful way to attain inner peace, contentment, and seek her blessings in life. Her teachings of faith, devotion, and the power of prayer continue to be relevant even today and can inspire us to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.


1. Who is the father of Santoshi Maa?

Father of Santoshi Maa is Lord Ganesha.

2. What is the meaning of Santoshi?

Satisfied, Pleased, Contented.

3. What are the benefits of Santoshi Maa?

It is believed that by performing the Santoshi Maa Vrat on 16 consecutive Fridays, a devotee can win the favor of the goddess. It is said that Santoshi Maa not only bestows wealth and happiness but also offers protection to her devotees from negative energies.

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