Mangal Beej Mantra – मंगल बीज मंत्र

According to Vedic astrology Mangal Beej Mantra is a powerful mantra which is associated with the Mars planet. Mars is very fierce in nature. Mars is believed to be the planet of strength, courage, and perseverance, and chanting Mangal Beej Mantra brings these qualities in you.
If Mars is sitting as an enemy planet in someone’s horoscope, then the person gets very angry on small things, and this increases further in the Mangal Dasha. Mangal is the ruler of blood, muscles and bone marrow. Mars is also the factor of elder brother. If the condition of Mars is bad, then there is a chance of breaking the relation with elder brother or the elder brother may suffer from health problems.
To appease Lord Mars or Mangal Dev and to reduce his malefic effects you should chant Mangal Beej Mantra. In this article, we will tell you the significance of the Mangal Beej Mantra, its benefits, and how it should be chanted.

Mangal Beej Mantra

Mangal Beej Mantra – मंगल बीज मंत्र

How to Chant Mangal Beej Mantra or Vidhi of Chanting Mangal Beej Mantra?

  • First you should sit in a comfortable position and face north or east side. You should then close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm the mind.
  • You should start chanting this mantra from Tuesday.
  • You should take bath before chanting Mangal Beej Mantra and then sit on a red mat or aasan.
  • You can wear red colored clothes for better results.
  • Before chanting this mantra, you should worship Lord Hanuman. Mangal Dev gets pleased when you worship Hanuman Ji.
  • As Mangal is the factor of elder brother, so if you help your elder brother or get his blessings then it will be beneficial for you.
  • While chanting this mantra, make sure that there are no bad or negative thoughts in your mind.
  • If possible, donate jaggery, red lentils, copper metal on Tuesdays.
  • Try to pronounce the mantra correctly.
  • You should chant Mangal Beej Mantra minimum 108 times daily with a Rudraksh Mala.
  • For best results, this mantra should be chanted at least 9000 times in 40 days.

What is Mangal Beej Mantra?

Mangal Beej Mantra in Hindi

|| ॐ क्राम क्रीम सः भौमाय नमः ||

Mangal Beej Mantra in English

“Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namaha”

The meaning of the Mantra:

“Om” is the primordial sound, “Kraam” is believed to be associated with courage, strength, and vitality, “Kreem” is believed to be associated with attracting positive energy, vitality, and success, “Sah” represents the divine consciousness. “Bhaumaya” means “son of the Earth.” In Hindu mythology, Mars is considered to be the son of the Earth or Prithvi. “Namaha” means to bow down or offer respect.
This Mangal Beej Mantra is believed to help mitigate the negative effects of Mars in your horoscope and bring courage, strength, vitality, and success.

Another important Mangal Mantra:

|| ॐ अंगारकाय नमः ||

“Om Angarkaye Namha.”

This mantra is also known as “Rinmochan Mangal Mantra.” Chanting this mantra helps you repay your loans or debts. Also, if you have given someone money and not getting it back then chanting this mantra helps you get it back.

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Benefits of Mangal Beej Mantra:

  1. Mars influences physical strength and vitality. Chanting Mangal Beej Mantra improves overall health and wellbeing.
  2. Chanting Mangal Beej Mantra gives you happiness and positive energy.
  3. Chanting this mantra maintains good relationship with your siblings.
  4. You get the blessings of Mangal Dev, and it increases your courage, energy and strength.
  5. Chanting this mantra protects you from unwanted accidents and blood loss.
  6. It makes you very active in your life and you do all your work with full energy.


Mars represents strength, courage, and perseverance. Mangal Beej Mantra is a very powerful Vedic Mantra that is associated with the Mars planet and have several benefits in our life. One thing you must keep in mind that chanting this mantra may not bring immediate results. It is necessary to have faith and you should continue chanting this Beej Mantra regularly for a certain period to experience its benefits. By chanting this mantra, you can experience a sense of happiness and positive energy around you. Also, Mangal keeps you financially stable and gives you the power to influence others. If you chant this Mantra, Mangal Dev start showering his blessings on you and by worshiping Mangal Dev, you find the purpose of your life and also you get the power and strength to achieve that goal. Above all chanting Mangal Beej Mantra with faith and devotion brings positive changes in your life.


1. What is Mangal Mantra?

धरणीगर्भसम्भुतम विद्युत्कांति सम्प्रभम् |

कुमाराम शक्तिहस्तम् च तम मंगलम प्रणाम्यम्ः |

ॐ मंगलाय नमः ||

“Dharanigarbhasambhutam Vidyutkanti Samaprabham

Kumaaram Shaktihastam Cha Tam Mangalam Pranamamyam

Om Mangalaye Namaha”

2. Who are the parents of Mangal Dev?

Varaha is the father of Mangal Dev and Bhudevi or Prithvi was his mother.

3. Who is Mangal Dev wife?

According to Vedas, Jwalini is the wife of Mangal Dev.

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